Vacating A Rental? 5 Steps To Complete The Final Cleaning Right

When you move out of a rented house or apartment, you generally have to leave it clean and tidy. Failure to do the right final cleaning may cost you your deposit. But how can you ensure that the cleaning gets done right? Here are five important steps for success.

1. Read Your Contract.

What does your rental agreement say about the required final cleaning? You can't fulfill a contract if you don't know what you agreed to. Some agreements are vague and leave much up to interpretation while others have a specific checklist. Make note of exactly what the expectations are. 

2. Walk the House.

Before you commence the big final push of moving your stuff, take a few moments to walk around the house (and possibly the yard). Make note of anywhere that may constitute a potential problem area. Do the carpets need extra attention? Is there a specific spill you need to try to remove? Did your kids mark the walls? Write down these areas so you can give them the time they need. 

3. Hire a Cleaner.

Outsource your final move-out cleaning work. After packing up and moving your whole family, you probably won't have the time and energy to devote to getting the cleaning right. The result will be a more haphazard job than it should be. Professional cleaners will come armed with the right tools, supplies, and time to meet your contractual obligations. 

4. Make a Checklist.

Checklists are great ways to prevent yourself from forgetting things when moving. Make a cleaning checklist based on three things: standard areas of cleaning, problem spots you noticed, and wording in the rental agreement. If possible, go over this checklist with professional movers before they arrive. This way, they'll come prepared to conquer the checklist. 

5. Pick Your Timing.

Finally, choose the right time for the final cleaning work. Schedule it when you're around or available in case there are questions or concerns. You can also see for yourself that the cleaning is done before you vacate. You may also need more than one session — both before and after emptying the home — if extra work (like carpet cleaning) needs to be done. 

Where to Start

Ready to start preparing your final move-out cleaning sessions? Begin by contacting moving cleaning services in your area today. With their professional guidance, you'll leave a home so sparkly clean that you can get all possible money back and leave with no stress.