Just Acquired A Storage Unit? 4 Tips To Organize It For Easier Access

People use personal storage units to store a wide variety of personal and business supplies. The general goal of renting a unit is to ensure that it keeps your items safe and that you can retrieve them when you need them. Most people store seasonal appliances and clothes in their units. If you are not keen on organization, you might have a very difficult time accessing things when you need them. Fortunately, you can follow these organizational tips for a good storage experience.

Harmonize the Size of the Boxes

One of the simple and effective organization hacks for the self-storage container is to pick one size that is suitable for all your items. Choosing boxes of the same size simplifies your overall packaging process because you can stack them. The ideal box size should be either small or medium-sized. You can have a few larger boxes for your light but bulky items. However, they don't hold up well, especially at the bottom. In addition, large boxes are more likely to suffer damage when you try to remove them from the bottom of a stack.

Set Aside What You Plan To Access Time and Again

It is also advisable to have a look at all your items and choose those that you are likely to access frequently. Some of the frequently accessed items include summer and winter clothing, camping and vacation supplies, children's toys, and items used for hobbies. Place the items that you may need to access every now and then at the front of the storage unit. This will decrease the possibility of pulling apart the entire unit each time you need an item.

Have a Labeling System

You should also consider labeling all your boxes after you pack them. Labeling helps you know where you have stored everything. It eliminates the struggle of having to open all the boxes as you guess which one might contain the item you are looking for. You should also ensure that the labeling is large and legible to further simplify the storage and retrieval process.

Shelve and Stack Packages

It's also advisable to shelve and stack the boxes to ensure easy access and retrieval. Shelves are an excellent way to maximize the vertical space inside the unit. They also ensure nothing gets damaged by the weight of other items.

It is easy to organize your space when you need easy and frequent access to your items. Remember that a good storage experience starts with choosing the ideal unit. Speak to competent providers and get the best value for your money.