About Moving Quotes

When you are going to be moving, you will want to get an estimate, so you know what price you will be looking at when you hire movers. Certain things will be considered during the quote process since everyone's move is different and therefore requires different services. Here are some of the things that go into determining the amount of your quote, as well as things you can do to get a lower quote:

The travel distance - One of the big determining factors when it comes to your moving quote will be the locations you are moving from and to. If you aren't moving very far, then there will be less time involved, less wear and tear put on the moving vehicle, fewer fuel costs, and other factors to consider. 

The amount of items - It obviously takes more time, physical labor, and moving supplies when there are more items to pack. This is why it will cost less to move someone with fewer items than it does to move someone who has many things. 

Storage - If you are going to be needing the moving company to store your items for any length of time, then this will also go into the quote. Many moving companies do have storage facilities, and they can move your things into storage for you, then move them into your new home when you are ready for them. 

Packing - Some people find they really struggle with the packing process. It can be very difficult for them from start to finish. This is especially true if they have young children who like to go through the boxes as they are being packed. A moving company can come out and pack everything for you. A moving company's packing service generally includes inventory, protecting fragile items, disconnecting electronics, disassembling items when it's necessary, packing everything, moving it, then putting everything in its proper place at your new home. 

Supplies - The supplies needed to do the job will also be in the quote. This includes things like boxes, packing tape, and packing material used to protect items. 

Date of your move - It will cost you more to move during certain times of the year. This is due to the fact the movers are in higher demand. 

Things you can do to bring down the price of your move

One of the things you can do to get a lower quote on your move is to downsize. Get rid of all the items you don't need. You can even throw a moving sale and make a good amount of cash on those things quickly. Also, consider changing the date of your move to a time of the year that will cost you less, if possible.

For more information on what affects a moving estimate, contact a company near you.