Prepare Your Mattress For A Move

A mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home; it's also one of the more costly investments. While the moving company you partner with will take extra steps to protect your mattress during the move, there are some measures you should take beforehand. 


While it's highly unlikely that you have a bed bug infestation that you are unaware of, it's still a good idea to check before you move. The last thing you want to do is to take an infestation to your new home with you, and even worse, many moving companies won't move furniture that is infested. 

Closely look around the perimeter of each mattress to see if you notice any droppings or brown blood spots anywhere around the mattress. If you do, take measures to get rid of the infestation as soon as possible, and avoid moving the mattress in the meantime.  


As you get close to moving day, it's a good idea to remove all the bedding on the bed and clean the mattress. Particularly if the mattress will go into storage for a while, dirt and bacteria on the mattress can cause the mattress to smell. To go about this process, use a mild cleaner and water to slightly dampen a cloth. 

Take the cloth and wipe it along the surface of the mattress. Always perform this step a few days before you plan to move. Even if the towel is not soaking wet, it's common for some moisture to rest on the surface of the mattress. When the furniture movers come, they'll likely wrap the mattress in plastic. If the mattress is still wet, mildew can form. 

Store Correctly

If you plan to break your bed down before the movers arrive, make sure you store it correctly. Avoid storing the mattress in an upright position; keep the mattress flat on the floor. If your mattress has coils, they can shift or get compressed while sitting upright, especially if it's leaned against the wall. 

Storing the mattress flat is better. Keep in mind; if you hire a professional moving company, you don't even have to worry about breaking down your bed, as the movers will do it for you. If you let the movers handle it, you won't have to worry about storing your mattress the wrong way.  

The better you prepare your mattress for the move, the more you can look to continued nights of restful sleep once you arrive at your new home. To learn more, contact a company such as Worth Moving.