Maximize Your Limited Retail Storage With Stackable Storage Bins

Your retail space relies on many factors in order to stay in business. Location, brand, foot traffic, and even logo color all make an impact on your bottom line. However, having a small storage space should not be the reason your sales ultimately suffer. Take a look at how you can use stackable storage bins to make the most of limited storage means.

Improve Sales Floor Layout

A small storage space for your inventory can hurt the way shoppers view your store. Due to a tiny back room, you may be forced to place all or most of your inventory on display at any one time. This makes customers feel your sales floor is cluttered.

However, it is possible to improve the layout of your sales floor. You can remove the majority of your stock and place it in stackable storage bins. When your stock is organized and stored in bins, everything can fit better in a small backroom.

Now that your sales floor contains less inventory, use all that free space to create a better flowing sales floor. The old saying that less is more really is true. Customers will gravitate toward a few strategically placed displays rather than a mass of goods.

Diversify With Seasonal and Sale Items

If your storage problems have restricted your sales to only one area of specialty, now is the time to use storage bins to diversify. With increased storage options, you are in a better position to offer more inventory in the form of seasonal or sales items.

Stackable storage bins can be used to store and rotate your new inventory with existing inventory. Your sales potential increases when you are able to offer your customers more.

View Your Inventory at a Glance

Depending on your type of inventory, you can utilize storage bins to help you access or view your inventory quickly. Clear bins allow you to see what item is tucked inside without unstacking or opening lids. This freedom allows you to interact with your storage items more quickly.

Also, you may choose bins that have an access opening on one side. With this feature, reaching in to grab one or more items in order to complete a sale becomes faster and easier. When you can view or access your sales items easily, having limited storage space is not as problematic.  

Consider switching to a system of stackable storage bins for your smaller sized stockroom.  You can free up your sales floor, diversify with new inventory and view your stored inventory quickly. Hop over to this website to learn more.