Tips And Tricks To Make Your Move Easier And More Organized

Packing up everything you own and moving it from your current house to a different one is a huge ordeal, especially if you have a lot of things. If you are want to get this done soon and stay organized with your packing, you might want to follow these tips and tricks, which are all designed to help you pack your things while staying organized.

Use Plastic Wrap for Drawers

If you have dressers you are moving to your new house, you may not need to empty everything out of your drawers. In fact, you may want to only pack up the drawers with clothing in them and leave all the other drawers intact. If you decide to do this, you could keep your belongings in your drawers and keep the items safe by placing a layer of plastic wrap over the drawers. The plastic wrap will cling to the wood on the drawers and will hold everything in place. Nothing will fall out, and every item will stay safe during the move. This is ideal for any furniture items you have with drawers in them, especially if the drawers have items other than clothing in them.

Use Zipper Bags for Small Parts

One challenge many people face when moving is taking apart all their electronics and preventing all the small parts from getting lost. For example, if you have a DVD player that has connections on it, you could unplug the entire thing and place all the wires and connections in a small zipper bag. Next, tape the zipper bag to the DVD player. By doing this, you will never have to wonder where the parts went or try to decipher which parts belong with all your devices. You can do this with any type of electronic device you have.

To make reassembling the parts even easier, you could even color coordinate the plug-ins. To do this, place the same color sticker on the parts that go together. When you need to reassemble your electronics, it will be as simple as matching up the colors of the stickers. You may also want to take pictures of the way they are connected before you disconnect everything. Then if you have questions, you could simply look at the pictures you took.

Keep Important Things for Last

It takes approximately 10 to 12 boxes to pack up each room in your home, but some rooms will require more than this. If you add up how many boxes you will need, you might find out that you will need 100 boxes in order to pack up everything. Having 100 boxes to empty when you move in may seem overwhelming, and that is why you should plan to keep the important things for last when it comes to packing.

In other words, start your packing by choosing things that you definitely do not need right away. After that, work on packing things you most likely will not need. As you do this, you will have less and less to pack, and you will end up with only needing to pack the most very important things.

If you wait to pack these until right before you move, they will be easier to keep track of and you will be able to keep them handy during your move. By doing this, you can have access to all the most important things you need as soon as you move in, and you will not have to dig through dozens of boxes looking for these things.

Moving is a hard task, but it is much easier when you hire a moving company for help. To find out how much it costs to hire a moving company, contact one today and ask.